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A big hi to all the gifted girls!!! Let’s begin exploring the abound opportunities offered in science and the interesting way science impacts our daily lives… who knows it better than the ever energetic and progressive Gen Z girls!!!

Science as a field has unfortunately remained male dominated, despite over-whelming contributions made by ladies. Now is the time to change and go out roaring to make a mark for self. The contributions are wide ranged, be it in #Biology, #Astrophysics, #Mathematics, Chemistry, etc., the list is endless, and with the rapidly changing times, the onus lies on you to show the world your immense potential.

Who hasn’t heard about Madam Curie or Kalpana Chawla? But there are many like Inge Lehmann, who discovered Earth’s inner core or Sarah Mather who discovered underwater telescope, the list is endless. So are you ready to see your name up the list? Let’s begin then, in this week’s blog we will talk about #ArtificialIntelligence …let’s go ahead.

So what exactly is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence simply means that branch of computer science which involves building smart machines which can operate by selves and perform complex tasks which need human intelligence. AI has uses across multiple fields, be it for our day-to-day uses or complex industrial working, who doesn’t know about Siri or Amazon’s Alexa?! It is a multi-disciplinary field and continuous progression in Machine Learning (ML) and various related fields is bringing a massive change in the future of the tech industry.

Let’s see an interesting pictographic timeline of #AI, am sure you will like it:


“[AI] is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity.”— AI oracle and venture capitalist Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, 2018

So now you have a brief idea about Artificial Intelligence, let’s see what the future beholds for us, seeing TESLA’S driver less cars, robots etc. All are a manifestation of AI & ML tools, but is that all or a lot more is there for us to see to the impact of it in fields associated with our day to day activities…

1. Healthcare Industry – AI tools help in early and accurate detection of diseases, which help in early and correct diagnosis as well as drug administration thus, help in saving lives of the people. Nowadays, since people easy access to technology and internet has brought the world closer, which was visibly enhanced during COVID lockdown and has now become a part of our everyday lives.

Nurses and doctors are rendering virtual check-ups and are monitoring patients, this shows the undeniable impact of AI which helps in creating a personalized experience for every patient.

2. Education- Generation Z is the one which has had an amalgamation of old and new forms of education, and the way you have had lectures which have been conducted virtually or even in-person lectures which uses 3-D effects. This goes on to show how far technology has progressed and made learning more effective for us. AI also helps in digitizing learning materials like textbooks, which are now available in the form of E-books. AI based tools also help in gathering knowledge by analyzing facial gestures and expressions of the pupils, which helps in understanding their mood, and tailor the experience based on their preference.

3. Customer Services- An upcoming field which has immense potential to grow and is growing too, is customer service. Many tech giants are coming up with technology to create AI based assistants, which can make calls and book your appointments, virtually. One such primary example is Alexa, which calls up people based on our voice input, but this shall be further refined in the coming future.

4.Women Safety- Who understands the need of being safe and secure and avoiding any untoward experiences better than us; AI powered tools are helping us here as well. There are many apps which work on digital footmarks and help our guardians locate us, these apps collect information such as the route travelled, pictures of the route taken, recording sounds in the vicinity, etc.

5. Military- #Military establishments worldwide are using AI empowered tools and technology which devise algorithms, which help in enemy tracking, for instance there was a Project Maven undertaken by the USA military for targeting insurgents in Iraq and Syria.

6. Journalism- #Media is also one field, which makes immense use of AI based tools. Be it for weather forecasts or the use of Cyborgs by Bloomberg to quickly breakdown tough financial reports, as well as showing targeted stories to the people across the region, based on their tastes and preferences, with the help of analytical tools.

7. Beauty and Fashion Industry- Who says beauty and brains can’t go together??… Of course they go and go really well!!! Even this industry uses AI and ML powered tools, for instance due to COVID when eves across the globe weren’t able to step out for make-up shopping, Sephora came up with virtual consultation, which helped ladies trying on make-up products virtually, and it was really successful; many brands these days are designing apps for virtual make-up try on, voice powered recommendations, AI powered product search, virtual dress trials, etc.

Since now you have a fairly good idea as to what abound opportunities AI offers, it’s time for you to take the plunge, create a positive impact on the society, uplift others and simultaneously bring out the genius in you to the fore… so what are you waiting for?? The world is your oyster and you are the pearl which is meant to shine and sparkle.

If you like this blog please let us know, so that we can prepare more like this


Guest Blogger

Suyashi Misra

Business Analyst/Content writer at Zivanta Analytics

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