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Startup Ideas for Teens in Technology

Hey all, it's been a while since we met and I did miss writing for such amazing girls out there in Bahamas. So without much ado let’s dive right in…. who doesn’t want an identity of their own in today’s times?? Everyone does and everyone should too, because why not? I personally believe being a female is empowering enough but having a distinctive and a strong identity is what makes that feeling of empowerment stronger. As girls we should always strive to create our own identity and not be dependent on others, rather ourselves should be an asset to the society and am very sure with such passionate souls like you, you are meant to achieve great heights.

In today’s times when the startup culture is being promoted and supported throughout the world, now is the time for you to tap into the opportunities an find your niche area, undoubtedly there are many options to do the same, but today we will see some places in tech where you can start your own business, the sooner the better….let’s have a glimpse now:

1. #Tech Support Specialist- Have interest in Technology? Like interacting and speaking with others? Are you a tech troubleshooter? You like solving tech issues? Then you can start off by offering specialized tech services to the people and help them solve their issues either over call or email, the more efficient you get the better you get paid…just imagine how exciting this is!!!

2. Online seller of graphics- If you possess some great drawing skills or have an artistic bend of mind, then you can design your personalized or customizable graphic items and sell them to your customers as downloadable files….imagine your skill which pays you so well and brings your forte out amongst in between so many people.

3. Tech tutor- How about teaching a concept or two to others? If you like teaching others and solving their queries and spreading your learnt knowledge with others, then tech tutors are the way to go. You can cover a wide range of people, be it with students younger to you who have an interest similar to you in exploring tech related concepts or they can be peers of your age and maybe some people senior to you…now why seniors?? Because everyone can’t know anything and everything under the sun, maybe you teach them something and maybe they teach you a couple of concepts…life’s always a curveball and we should always be open to learning newer things.

4. Tech consulting services - Have interest in coding or writing queries for programming? Then you can further hone your skills and get into tech consulting where you can advise people on emerging tech fields or help them crack some complex coding problems…they need you, you ought to be there for them and you may hit the jackpot if people are impressed by your skills.

5. Developing games or apps- Have a knack for developing games or interesting yet useful apps, then you can start off your business by creating interesting apps or games and sell them to software agencies, this will not only bring your creativity to the forefront but also make you earn really well, if it becomes a hit with the public.

6. Create social media channels or a Youtube influencer for STEM related subjects- You can create a channel on different social media channels, predominantly like Youtube where you can create videos or vlogs on subjects like science and mathematics. The more interesting and relevant your videos are, the better will be your audience engagement and definitely rising popularity means higher earnings.

It’s always a good idea to start early in life and what better if you find your true calling, don’t be afraid to fail or fall, as that is not a sign of the weak but shows your true strength and that you have the courage to go and out and have believe in yourself…a lot better than people who didn’t even try. The fear of failure won’t make you get ahead in life but rather it will make you a stronger person and rising like a phoenix will always show the world the mettle you are made of. Ladies have always been the front runner in nearly all aspects of life, and here too you shouldn’t fall back rather march ahead with full glory and break all the barriers, as you are meant to soar high.

Blogger Credits: Suyashi Misra


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